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Therapeutic Services

Learn the Psychoastrology® of Chiron:
30-Day Psychoastrology® Intensive $2500

In this series of Psychoastrology® consultations you will come to understand the correlation between your deepest core wounding and your greatest challenges based upon the sign and house placement of Chiron in your birth chart. End your cycle of frustrating and painful patterns. You will discover how the root causes of your core wounding can become the source of your greatest healing and empowerment. Required is your willingness to see things differently and to try new things to change. Takeaway steps, affirmations, and a recorded guided meditation sound bath tuned to the healing sound frequency of Chiron are given to you to keep during the course of our one-on-one study together. We meet for 8 phone sessions that are 60 minutes each during your 30-day intensive. Weekday text check-ins, phone calls, and voicemails are included for this month of deep diving into healing your core wounds. 24-hour cancellation policy applies. Pay in advance is required, 1st session is reserved through agreement with Lisa Tahir, LCSW.

Single Therapy Session $190

45 minute Intuitive Psychotherapy Session by phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or in-person. Let me know if you are a couple scheduling for relationship counseling. 24-hour cancellation applies.

Reiki Healing Session $190

45-minute session with Reiki music and crystal healing while you relax and receive the treatment comfortably reclined on a massage table fully clothed. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that energetically heals physical and emotional ailments. Clients report feeling centered, clear, and at peace following a session. 24-hour cancellation applies.

From a Distance Reiki Healing/Meditation Session $190

I sit in meditation while invoking Reiki Healing energy for you, a loved one, or a pet during a 45-minute session with Reiki music and crystal healing. You may be on the call or absent. Reiki healing is transmitted whether of not the recipient is present. This is a wonderful way to know that Spirit is supporting you, your loved one(s), and/or pet(s) from afar. 24-hour cancellation applies.

On-location Therapy Session $450

I travel to your home, office, or other location to provide 45-minute, individual or group Intuitive Psychotherapy Sessions. Travel up to 50 miles total is included. Mileage rates apply for longer trips. Let me know if you are a couple scheduling for relationship counseling. 24-hour cancellation applies.

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