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The Chiron Effect: Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy and Self-Forgiveness

by Lisa Tahir, LCSW

Lisa Tahir, LCSW, personally and professionally became frustrated with lengthy assessment and treatment processes that involved years of rehashing troubling and traumatic memories. Rehashing the past only produced gnawing feelings of disempowerment. With a desire to address her own core wounding, she sought alternative healing methods and turned to meditation.

During meditation she received a message: research Chiron and expand upon the “wounded healer” mythology. Tahir was invited to familiarize herself with all aspects related to this archetype, especially the notion of individual core wounding and, finally, to add to the narrative of healing by sharing her journey with Chiron. In writing The Psychoastrology® of Chiron: Healing Our Core Wounds through Empathy and Self-Forgiveness, Tahir’s work plays an important role in expanding prevailing methodologies known to date, and advancing individuals into the future of healing.

This is the first book written by a therapist to empower both individuals and practitioners to identify 12 main areas of core wounding, which are directly related to the placement of Chiron in their birth chart, and cause people to repeat painful unconscious patterns.

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In early psychoanalytic literature Freud was the first to name cyclical patterns in people’s lives that were recurring and painful. The “Repetition Compulsion” has been written about in various ways since it was coined by Freud in 1914. Erik Erikson who fathered the stages of Psychosocial Development, wrote that, “some people make the same mistakes over and over.” Object Relations Theory teaches that object relations early in life may be unconsciously repeated. And Attachment Theorists believe that early development patterns form schemas of relationship that are repeated. None of them has ever made the astrological connection to repetitive patterns.

The mythological story of Chiron represents an invitation to journey inward to bring greater understanding, healing, and power into one’s life. Most everyone has an aspect of life in which they seem to repeat the same frustrating patterns and then wonder how to change. When one is wounded, innate animalistic instincts for self-protection kick in as a means for survival. This is a natural and necessary coping strategy, at first. But many dwell far too long in that space; therefore, separating themselves from their source of inner wisdom and intuition.

"I am sure your book will be of interest to many and will greatly benefit readers."
—His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The Chiron Effect is a term Tahir developed to describe the magnetic pull, or orbit, that individuals have around specific areas of wounding and vulnerability. The problems that individuals have typically cluster around particular core issues and themes. An orbit is a pattern that one has grown accustomed to living within, thus becoming a set frequency. Effect is defined as a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. Therefore, when an individual changes their orbit, they change their frequency. Humans are beings of habituation; orbit surrounding, as well as being orbit-surrounded by like people, places, and things.

The Chiron Effect first offers readers a way of decoding the underlying factors influencing the magnetic pull (orbit) that keeps the reader in the same pattern and frequency of their identified problems. Secondly, through a process of empathy and self-forgiveness, the reader is invited into a “depth-process” of healing to shift their current frequency.

Tahir suggests that readers take a look at themselves through the perspective of Chiron: everyone has wounds. Everyone has experienced loss, disappointment, sadness, depression, or a taking away of, or a letting go of what was meaningful. Everyone has felt pain – whether it is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or any combination thereof.

It is the reader’s human condition to experience wounding during their earthly plane of existence. It is the reader’s celestial condition to embody healing during their earthly plane of existence. As spiritual beings having a human experience, the dissemination of healing is administered in each of three dimensions comprising the “self” – body, soul, and spirit.

By identifying the sign and house placement of Chiron in one’s natal chart, readers can hone in on the specific areas of vulnerability that they are susceptible to, thus revealing the specific recurring issues, themes, and problems that result in persistent painful challenges. Tahir offers practical “take away” steps and affirmations at the end of each chapter that have been meditated over and infused with Reiki Healing Energy for the reader’s benefit.

Tahir states, “I use astrology as the diagnostic tool to identify core wounding, but the prescription and remediation involves a combination of psychology, spirituality, and personal responsibility.” The reader can use this information for themselves, for their loved one, or in their professional practice.

The purpose of The Psychoastrology® of Chiron is two-fold: The first purpose is to reveal the unconscious patterns sourced in the reader’s core wounding. The second purpose is to learn how to heal those places through empathy and self-forgiveness. In this process, there is the intention that the reader will resolve much of their own suffering, end self-sabotage and, finally, be free to create and allow their lives to unfold in a new way.

Want to know your Chiron's house placement? It’s a two part process — first, click the button below and enter the requested information as best you know. Next, confirm your information and click “Next” again. Scroll down to see your chart, find the Chiron symbol (as seen above on the book cover), and hover your mouse over the symbol for sign and house information.


Use the chart below to find your Chiron.

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